Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Accommodations and Photo Gallery


Accommodations are rustic (outhouse facilities; no running water), but they're comfy. If you prefer to tent, there are places to set up camp. If rustic living isn't your thing, we can recommend local hotels and resorts.

Beds are available in our cabins (shown below) on a first-come/first-served basis, free of charge. You will need to bring your own bedding (sleeping bag and pillow).

Photos of Classes and Class Projects

Birch bark weaving with John Zasada and Jack Sneve, August 2019

One of our free blacksmith classes for high school students, cooking lunch with their new hand-forged hot dog forks.
The only requirements to get free classes if you're a teen (aged 14-18): show some enthusiasm for blacksmithing,
and be on time at the boat landing!

Gary Hill's trade axe class, June 2019

Students with their finished axes

Tom Latané with students' rived oak boards, Viking Chest Class, June 2019

Tom explains the construction of the Viking chest
After a day of hand-planing!
Hewing a rived board for a Viking chest

Kitty Latané's Tinsmithing Class (June 2019)

Kitty's tin lanterns

Tom Latané demonstrates chasing (photo by Kitty Latané)

Blacksmith demo by Tom Latané (photo by Kitty Latané)

Tom Latane's hammer class, 2016

Getting started on a sunset painting in Anne Rorem's class, July 2017
A few results from Kitty's tinsmithing class
Kitty Latane's tinsmithing class, June 2017
Fred Livesay demonstrates safe spoon carving technique, July 2017

Student work from Fred Livesay's spoon carving class, July 2017

Kjetil Groven's knife students. Kjetil is in the top row on the left. 
Knife students working on leather sheaths

Fire's good for two things: forging iron and grilling chicken
(photo by Kitty Latané)

The crew at Tom Latane's hewing axe class, 2017

Norse axe made in Tom Latane's class, 2017

Gary's barn door latch

Gary Hill's door ring from Tom Latane's 2016 class at North House Folk School

Hammer from Tom Latane's hammer class 2016

Gary Hill's scrolled door knocker from Tom Latane's 2018 class

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