Friday, February 10, 2017


Photos of Classes and Class Projects

Tom Latane's hammer class, 2016

Getting started on a sunset painting in Anne Rorem's class, July 2017
A few results from Kitty's tinsmithing class
Kitty Latane's tinsmithing class, June 2017
Fred Livesay shows how to rough out a spoon from green birch, using a hatchet, July 2017

Student work from Fred Livesay's spoon carving class, July 2017

Knife handles soaking in oil overnight -- Kjetil Groven's Nowegian knife-making class, September 2017
Kjetil Groven's knife students. Kjetil is in the top row on the left. 
Knife students working on leather sheaths
The crew at Tom Latane's hewing axe class, 2017

Gary's barn door latch

The bathroom latch in the main house

Detail from one of the guest cabins

Hammer from Tom Latane's hammer class 2016

For more photos, check out the link below. These were taken by Grant Stromgren at our axe-making class with Tom Latane in June 2017. (Disclaimer: Grant gives permission to use any of these photos for personal use, but please do not take personal credit or sell any of these photos. Additionally, do not use them for business or commercial needs unless you ask permission from Grant first, via email to Gary Hill (

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